Flea & Tick Control

Flea and tick control is essential because these pests aren’t just irritating nuisances. They pose serious threats to the health of your family—indoors and out.

Don’t Take Risks with These Pests

The Real Dangers of Ticks & Fleas

While the health of your lawn is essential for lawn care practices, the health of your family comes first. Fleas and ticks can be irritating and pose life-changing health risks. It’s critical to understand the dual nature of these pests to take the steps necessary.

Severe Health Consequences of Fleas and Ticks


Fleas can cause a range of health issues for both pets and humans. Flea bites often result in itchy, red welts, and for some individuals, these bites can trigger allergic reactions. They are known vectors for various diseases, including typhus and tapeworm infections. For pets, flea infestations can lead to dermatitis and anemia, making it crucial to address flea problems promptly and effectively.


Ticks are notorious for transmitting a variety of diseases that can cause life-long health conditions, with the most common being Lyme disease, which is caused by deer tick bites. The signs of Lyme disease often include flu-like symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, and muscle aches, along with a distinctive circular rash resembling a “bull’s eye.” There are treatments for this disease, but if it’s not found early enough, an infected person can experience long-term consequences, including chronic joint inflammation, neurological issues, and potential heart complications.

Risk Factors of Your Lawn Harboring Fleas and Ticks

To effectively control flea and tick infestations, it’s essential to understand the risk factors that may be present in your lawn. These include:

  • Tall Grass: Overgrown grass provides ideal hiding spots for fleas and ticks. Regular lawn maintenance is crucial for minimizing these habitats.
  • Wild Animals: If your lawn attracts wildlife, such as deer or rodents, it increases the risk of introducing ticks. Implement measures to deter these animals from your property.
  • Brush and Debris: Piles of leaves, brush, and debris create favorable environments for ticks. Regularly clean up your yard to reduce potential hiding spots.

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