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Keep your landscape thriving with Green Image Lawn Care’s essential tree and shrub care services, dedicated to the health, longevity, and beauty of your greenery.

Broad-Spectrum Tree and Shrub Care Packages

We offer complete tree and shrub health care programs tailored to your landscape. Each program includes timely applications designed to give preventive and curative attention to your growing landscape. Since no two landscapes are the same, our highly trained tree and shrub experts can develop a program that addresses your tree and shrub care needs.

Specialized Treatments

Spotted Lanternfly Treatment

Combatting invasive spotted lanternflies requires a strategic and effective approach to protect your trees and shrubs. At Green Image Lawn Care, our tree and shrub care services include specialized treatments designed to deter and control lanternfly infestations. Our trained experts utilize environmentally responsible methods to safeguard your green assets from the detrimental impact of these invasive pests.

Tree and Plant Health Injection and Granular Fertilizer

For optimal health, trees and shrubs need a specific blend of nutrients that are hard to obtain from the local environment. We supply these nutrients through customized injection and granular fertilizer applications to help support growth beyond what your greenery could achieve without care.

Bagworm Control and Prevention

If left untreated, bagworms can quickly defoliate a tree due to the lack of ability to generate new growth from the branches affected, eventually leading to tree death. These pests favor junipers, arborvitaes, cypress, and other needle evergreens, meaning it’s essential to take preventative measures as soon as possible if they are on your property.

Needle Cast Disease

Needle cast is a broad group of fungal diseases that cause conifers to shed needles. The symptoms of needle cast first appear on the underside of needles as light green to yellow spots, eventually turning red, brown, and then black. Growth of the fungal pathogen from the sites will cause the death of the entire needle. Infection can only be stopped, not reversed, meaning you must act quickly for preventative and treatment care.

Beetle Control

Beetles arrive early to mid-summer and can destroy your landscape material by “skeletonizing” the leaf surfaces as they feed. This affects the photosynthesis process, and plants can’t produce enough nutrients for healthy growth. Call the experts quickly because corrective sprays can promptly correct infestations before too much damage is done.

Call Green Image Lawn Care for Environmentally Friendly Tree and Shrub Care

Well-maintained trees and shrubs not only enhance the aesthetics but also increase the value of your property. Green Image Lawn Care can help you protect these critical assets with our disease, insect, and nutritional management programs to maintain and promote the health of your greenery. Call us today at 717-900-8144 for a free quote.

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