Lime Applications

Achieving and maintaining that vibrant green carpet of grass often requires a little extra care and attention beneath the surface. A lime application might be the fix your yard needs.

All About Lime

Your Solution for Healthier Soil

Lime, in the context of lawn care, refers to ground limestone or calcium carbonate. One of the primary roles of lime is to adjust soil pH. Soils can become too acidic (low pH) or too alkaline (high pH), affecting nutrient availability to plants. Lime helps to raise the pH of overly acidic soils to 6.5-6.9, which ensures your soil is optimized for the nutrients it needs to thrive.

The Benefits of Lime Applications

Enhanced Nutrient Availability

By maintaining the right pH balance, lime ensures that your grass has access to the nutrients it needs for vigorous growth, vibrant color, and overall health.

Improved Soil Structure

Lime helps to break up compacted soil, allowing for better water retention and root development. This, in turn, makes your lawn more resilient to drought and stress.

Optimal Microbial Activity

Lime fosters a conducive environment for beneficial soil microorganisms, promoting natural processes like nutrient recycling and organic matter decomposition.

Disease Resistance

A well-balanced pH can deter the growth of disease-causing pathogens, reducing the risk of lawn diseases and minimizing the need for chemical treatments.

When Should You Apply Lime?

Lime can be applied at any time. In fact, the sooner the better. It takes about four to six months for lime to break down and begin removing hydrogen from the soil.

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