Landscape Bed Weed Control

While mulch provides a weed barrier, sometimes it’s not enough. Let Green Image Lawn Care help with a comprehensive weed control program to keep your beds looking beautiful. 

Designing a Weed-Free Landscape Bed

With More than Mulch

From planting shrubs to arranging flowers, you can spend a lot of time on the design of landscape beds. Don’t let weeds ruin the aesthetic. Let Green Image Lawn Care provide a complete weed control program to spruce up your garden space.

Why Weed Control is Needed in Landscape Beds

Weeds are considered weeds when they grow where you don’t want them. This includes mulched landscaped beds. You may plant particular annual and perennial plants to bloom in the spring, summer, or fall, but weeds can easily sprout too. Not only are these weeds unsightly and potentially poisonous, but they’ll also compete with desirable plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients.

Preventing Perennial & Annual Weeds

Similar to desired plants, perennial weeds come back year after year. They have deeper root systems that are tougher to control. Therefore, they need a more stringent weed control solution.

Annual weeds may only appear one season and they’re easier to get rid of. However, they can still take over your garden if left alone. Plus, you may see a weed sprout in one spot one year and in another the next. This is because weed seeds easily travel through the air, via wildlife, and are even distributed by your lawn mower.

Targeted Weed Control

There’s a weed control solution for any type of weed. Green Image Lawn Care is able to analyze the weeds appearing in your garden bed and schedule applications accordingly to eradicate it—all while saving your desired plants.

Weed control is more complicated when other plants are in the picture. More care is needed to treat what you don’t want and save the plants you do. This is why it’s important to enlist the help of experts to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

What’s Included in Our Weed Control Services

After an initial consultation, Green Image Lawn Care will determine the best control and prevention methods for keeping your garden beds weed-free. Our program consists of seven monthly visits, typically starting in April through October. This is important since different weeds germinate at different times of the year. Multiple applications of pre-emergent control products stand a better chance of preventing weeds.

Control the Weeds with Green Image Lawn Care

Whether you have rock beds, ornamental plants, or mulched beds with shrubs and flowers, we can advise which weed control product to use and which mulch or material is best suited to help prevent regrowth. Contact us today for your free quote—the start of a weedless landscape bed.

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