Grub Control

Grubs may be tiny, but their damage is significant. Take action against these larvae before they take over your lawn.

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Grubs, the larvae of beetles, may be tiny, but their impact on your lawn can be colossal. They feed on grass roots, leaving your turf vulnerable to diseases and other environmental stressors. If left unchecked, a grub infestation can turn your vibrant lawn into a patchy, weakened landscape.

Do You Have Grubs?

There are many signs grubs are infesting your lawn and will continue to cause problems for you. The most common ones are:

  • Wilting Turf: Irregular patches of brown and wilted grass signal potential grub damage. Try pulling on the patch. If you have grubs, the grass will pull up like carpet because there are no roots anchoring it to the ground.
  • Loose Soil: Grubs cause your soil to have a loose, screen appearance, which you’ll find directly under any turf damage.
  • Spongy Turf: If your lawn feels spongy or squishy, it could indicate grubs feeding on grassroots.
  • Increased Wildlife Activity: A surge in bird, skunk, or raccoon presence may suggest a grub infestation.
  • Irregular Growth: Notice patches of uneven grass height? Grubs may be disrupting normal growth patterns.
  • Visible Grubs: Dig into the soil; if you find white, C-shaped larvae, it confirms the presence of grubs.

What Should You Do If You Have Grubs?

If you find grubs, time is of the essence because delay could spell irreversible damage to your turf as their feeding schedule turns a healthy lawn into a weakened, patchy landscape. The safest option is to call a lawn care company to approach this deadly pest head-on.

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Grubs are a serious concern, but there’s no need to worry when you have decades of experience on your side. When you call Green Image Lawn Care, you’re enlisting the expertise of professionals who specialize in efficient and effective grub control. Our team understands the unique challenges posed by these pests and employs targeted solutions to eliminate them. Beyond just eradicating grubs, we focus on maintaining the overall health of your lawn so you can trust that your turf is in capable hands. Don’t let grubs compromise the beauty of your lawn—call us at 717-900-8144 and we’ll work together to ensure a healthy and resilient turf.

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