Aeration & Seeding

Are you hoping for a healthier, thicker turf? Address the root of the problem—compaction—with aeration and seeding services.

Does water pool in areas of your lawn after rain? Is your grass looking a little sparse? Soil compaction is likely the cause. When your soil is compacted, there isn’t enough space for grass roots, water, oxygen, and nutrients to go deep into the ground. Fortunately, there are many methods to alleviate compaction and address stunted grass growth.

Core Aeration and Overseeding

Core aeration and overseeding are two essential practices often completed at the same time to fill in bare areas, whether there are patchy areas or your entire lawn needs new seed:

  • Core aeration: This practice involves removing small plugs of soil from your lawn, which alleviates compaction, improves soil structure, and enhances air and water infiltration. The holes left behind allow seed to settle in the ground instead of on top of the soil, and roots can grow deeper and stronger.
  • Overseeding: As the name suggests, overseeding involves adding of new grass seed to your existing lawn to increase the chances of germination, fill in bare spots, and thicken the grass cover.

Granular Aeration

Granular aeration is an alternative method to alleviate compaction in your yard. Instead of physically removing soil plugs, like with core creation, granular aeration utilizes specially designed granules that break down and create channels in the soil when watered or rained upon. These channels improve soil aeration, reduce compaction, and enhance the flow of air, water, and nutrients to grass roots.

Granular aeration is an excellent option for lawns that may not require the more invasive and labor-intensive core aeration process. It provides aeration benefits while minimizing disruption to the lawn’s surface.

Slit Seeding and Lawn Restoration

Slit seeding is a highly effective technique for worn-out or neglected lawns, especially in cases where lawns have thinning grass coverage, bare patches, or extensive damage. This process involves the use of a specialized slit seeder machine that cuts narrow furrows into the soil and simultaneously deposits grass seeds directly into these furrows for excellent seed-to-soil contact and germination rates.

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