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Achieve your healthiest and greenest lawn ever with Green Image Lawn Care. Our all-encompassing, customized lawn care plans are designed to address all of your unique lawn care needs.

Everything Your Lawn Needs to Thrive

From backyards to golf courses, our agronomists develop lawn care plans that are unique to your needs so you can be confident you’ll have a healthy, green lawn year-round.

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is a highly-aggressive, summer-annual weed that robs your lawn of nutrients and water. Pre-emergent crabgrass control is essential to prevent this aggressive weed from rapidly spreading and taking over your lawn. This treatment provides an invisible barrier that prohibits the germination of crabgrass seeds. The proper timing and applications are essential, so the agronomists at Green Image Lawn Care evaluate your lawn’s needs and design a preventative plan just for your yard.

Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge control is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. This invasive weed, often called “nutgrass,” can quickly take over your lawn, ruining the uniform look you want to achieve. Unfortunately, nutsedge can be challenging to control through regular lawn maintenance practices alone, so specialized treatments are necessary. By addressing nutsedge early on, you can prevent it from overtaking your lawn and ensure that your outdoor space remains lush, green, and healthy.

Specialty Weed Diagnosis and Treatment

Specialty Weed Diagnosis and Treatment is a vital component of effective lawn care. We understand that identifying and treating weeds can be a challenging but essential task, as different weed species require specific treatments for optimal results. Our expert team is here to take the guesswork out of the equation. We’ll meticulously assess your lawn, pinpoint the precise weed species, and tailor a treatment plan that addresses the issue at its root.

Let Your Lawn Thrive with Green Image Lawn Care Services

Experience the difference of nurturing your lawn naturally with Green Image Lawn Care. We’re more than just experts; we’re dedicated agronomists committed to environmentally responsible lawn care. Our customized, eco-friendly solutions cater to lawns of all sizes, from homes to golf courses. By choosing us, you’re choosing a greener, healthier future for your lawn and the planet. Join us in the pursuit of lush, eco-friendly landscapes. Call us at 717-900-8144 today for your free quote.

Lawn Care Programs

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