Needle Cast Control

Don’t let your spruce trees fall victim to needle cast disease—a fungal disease that causes needles to turn brown and continues to spread to other trees if left untreated.

Needle Cast Control

Needlecast refers to a group of fungal diseases that affect the needles of coniferous trees. These diseases typically cause the discoloration and premature shedding of needles, impacting the overall health and appearance of the tree. When the needles fall, the spores can spread further and infect nearby trees, so quick treatment is recommended to prevent additional damage.

Needle Cast Prevention

Like many fungi, Needle Cast thrives in wet and humid conditions, making proper tree care and preventive measures crucial for management. Suggested preventative measures include:

  • Fungicide applications: Consider preventive fungicide treatments in high-risk areas or if needle cast diseases have been previously identified. Working with a tree and shrub professional like Green Image Lawn Care is best to ensure proper application and prevent additional issues.
  • Avoid overhead irrigation: Minimize moisture on foliage by using drip or soaker hoses instead of overhead sprinklers to water your trees.
  • Regular pruning: Remove dead or infected branches to improve sunlight penetration and air circulation within the tree canopy.
  • Well-drained soil: Plant trees in well-drained soil to prevent waterlogging, which can contribute to fungal growth. You can work with a lawn care company to determine if aeration methods should be employed around established trees.

Needle Cast Treatment

If you notice needles starting to turn brown and fall off your trees, prompt identification of needle cast disease is essential to prevent further damage. Once discovered, treatment may include:

  • Fungicide application: Work with a reputable lawn care company in your area for fungicide applications specifically designed for needle cast diseases.
  • Prune affected branches: Remove infected branches and needles to reduce the spread of the disease within the tree.
  • Improve tree health: Ensure proper nutrition, watering, and overall tree health to enhance its ability to resist and recover from needle cast infections.

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