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Don’t let fungal diseases ruin the health and appareance of your lawn. Take preventative measures and address active issues with essential disease control services.

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Fungal diseases can pose several problems for your lawn, impacting its health and overall appearance. Consequences of infection range from minor to severe, including:

  • Reduced visual appeal: It often causes unsightly symptoms like discolored patches, spots, or mold-like growth on the grass.
  • Thinning and patchiness: Fungal diseases can cause grass blades to weaken and die, leading to thinning and patchy areas in the lawn. This can compromise the density of the turf.
  • Weakened Grass Roots: Fungi may attack the roots of grass plants, weakening their ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. When left unresolved, it can cause severe health concerns.
  • Decreased Resiliency: Infected lawns are more susceptible to environmental stressors like drought, extreme temperatures, and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Impact on Soil Health: Prolonged fungal infections can alter the microbial balance in the soil, affecting its overall health. This may have repercussions for the growth of other plants in the vicinity.
  • Grass Death: In severe, untreated cases, fungal diseases can eventually lead to grass death.

What You Need to Know about Disease Control Applications


Effective prevention of fungal infections begins with a strategic approach to fungicide application. Regular treatments create a protective shield against potential pathogens. Integrating fungicide applications into routine lawn care practices establishes an environment less welcoming to fungal development.


When faced with a fungal infection, quick action is essential to prevent severe consequences for your lawn. Early intervention allows for effective treatment that can halt the spread of the disease. Because fungicides can be designed for a specific pathogen, it’s important you identify the correct disease before starting treatment.

For severe infections, repeat applications might be necessary. In these cases, it’s safest to work with a professional lawn care service like Green Image Lawn Care. An integrated approach that combines fungicide treatments and healthy lawn care practices, like removing affected debris and enhancing air circulation, maximizes the efficacy of the treatment and promotes long-term lawn health.

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Our agronomists specialize in creating personalized treatment plans, addressing specific issues like fungal disease with preventative and treatment plans. Eco-friendly practices contribute to the overall well-being of your lawn and the environment. Contact us today at 717-900-8144 for a customized lawn care plan.

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