Type: Moth Caterpillar

Appearance: Bagworms are caterpillars that construct protective bags around themselves using silk and plant material, providing effective camouflage as they blend seamlessly with the foliage.

Location: Primarily found on trees and shrubs, bagworms create their distinctive bag-like shelters for protection.

Infestation Concerns

Bagworms raise significant concerns for the health and appearance of your landscape. These caterpillars feed on the foliage of trees and shrubs, leading to defoliation that weakens and can kill the infested plants. Beyond the immediate impact on the affected trees, bagworms can also spread to neighboring plants, causing a domino effect of damage.

What Causes a Bagworm Infestation?

Bagworm infestations typically arise due to favorable environmental conditions. Female bagworms lay eggs within their bags which then overwinter on the host plants. When temperatures rise, the eggs hatch and the larvae begin their feeding frenzy, establishing a cycle that perpetuates the infestation.

Signs of a Bagworm Infestation

  • Presence of Bags: The most visible sign of a bagworm infestation is the presence of small, spindle-shaped bags hanging from the branches of trees or shrubs.
  • Defoliation: As bagworms feed on the foliage, defoliation becomes apparent. Infested trees and shrubs may exhibit a loss of leaves, leading to a noticeable decline in overall plant health.
  • Visible Larvae: During the feeding season, bagworm larvae may be visible on the plants. These caterpillars use silk threads to secure themselves to the foliage.

Green Image Lawn Care Knows All About Bagworms

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