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Fall Armyworms

Fall Armyworm Damage

In the green industry, we always expect the unexpected from Mother Nature. But we never could have anticipated the invasion of Spodoptera frugiperda, or armyworms, throughout the northeast corridor in August of 2021. In over twenty years in the green industry, we have never experienced an armyworm infestation. Our colleagues at world renowned turfgrass programs in our corridor stated the same who have studied turfgrass science for more than forty years were just as surprised to detect armyworms in our area in August.

Named for their gathering in large quantities, or armies, these aggressive, fast-moving insects can wipe out an entire football field in a mere 48 hours. Golf course superintendents, sod-growers, athletic field managers, and even some of you, our valued lawn care customers, began reporting sudden and widespread turf collapse.

Fall Armyworm Damage

Fall Armyworm Damage to existing Lawn Aug/Sept 2021

So, what caused the outbreak? A tropical storm in the south carried the armyworms over hundreds of miles to our area. Once here, the armies swiftly started their destruction. Corn production has increased in our area, aiding in the perfect feeding environment.

Upon diagnosing the first outbreak, we notified all of you of the urgency to detect and administer corrective treatment to halt and prevent further damage. As the 2022 season approaches, we are ready for combat with our Armyworm Prevention / Corrective Control Service. This service, which should be rendered in July, provides two months of protection from infestation.

Protect your lawn by signing up for service using our online portal or by contacting your representative today. Thank you for your continued support of your local lawn care company.

Armyworms devastate the turf.

Armyworms devastate the turf and keep ”marching” outward to fresh turf causing damage as they feed along the surface.