Pink Snow Mold

Pink snow mold

Get all of the information you need about pink snow mold so you can identify any issues quickly and take measures to keep your yard healthy.

Type: Fungal Disease

Pathogen: Typhula spp. and Microdochium nivale

Appearance: It appears as unsightly patches of matted, straw-colored grass.

Risk Factors: Snow mold takes advantage of extended snow cover on unfrozen, wet turf. Lawns with a thick thatch layer, excessive snow accumulation, and poor air circulation become prime targets for this fungus.

Timing: Snow mold makes its presence known during the transition from winter to spring when the snow begins to melt. The damage becomes apparent as the snow retreats, unveiling the discolored and matted patches.

How to Control Pink Snow Mold


There are several things you can do to prevent this fungus from taking over your lawn:

  • Snow Removal: Promptly remove snow to discourage prolonged periods of wet conditions. This not only prevents the development of snow mold but also benefits the overall health of your lawn.
  • Lawn Aeration: Regularly aerate your lawn to reduce thatch and improve air circulation, creating an environment less conducive to snow mold.
  • Fungicide Application: Apply preventive fungicides in late fall to early winter to create a protective barrier against snow mold.


When snow mold has left its mark, effective treatment includes:

  • Fungicide Application: Apply fungicides labeled for snow mold control during active infection periods. This helps curtail the spread of the disease and aids in the recovery of affected areas.
  • Raking: Gently rake affected areas to improve air circulation and break up matted grass, promoting the recovery of your lawn.

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