Leaf Spot

leaf spot

Type: Fungal Disease

Pathogen: Various fungi, including Drechslera spp., Septoria spp., and Bipolaris spp. Pyricularia oryzae.

Appearance: Small, dark lesions emerge on grass blades, creating a mosaic of discolored spots. These lesions, a signature of leaf spot, can merge to form larger patches, affecting the vast majority of your lawn.

Risk Factors: Leaf spot is most prevalent in moist conditions and weakened grass. Lawns with poor air circulation, improper mowing practices, and nutrient deficiencies are particularly susceptible to this fungus.

Timing: Leaf spot is most active during warm, humid weather, typically thriving in late spring and early fall.

How to Control Leaf Spot


To protect your lawn from leaf spot, implement these preventive measures:

  • Proper Lawn Maintenance: Regular mowing to the correct height and consistent watering practices.
  • Lawn Aeration: Reduce thatch and improve air circulation through regular aeration, creating an environment less favorable for leaf spot development.
  • Balanced Fertilization: Maintain a balanced fertilization program to support overall turf health and resilience against leaf spot.


When leaf spot is already present, you need to take action immediately to prevent it from spreading further across your lawn. Effective treatment includes:

  • Fungicide Application: Apply fungicides labeled for leaf spot control during periods of active infection. Targeted fungicides can help arrest the progression of the disease and aid in the recovery of affected areas.
  • Removal of Infected Debris: Rake and remove infected grass clippings and debris to reduce the spread of the pathogen.

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