Brown Patch

brown patch

Type: Fungal Disease

Pathogen: Rhizoctonia solani

Appearance: Characterized by circular patches of brown, dead grass with a distinguishable darker ring at the outer edge. The affected areas often form irregular shapes, resembling smoke rings.

Risk Factors: Brown patch thrives in conditions of high humidity, especially when combined with warm temperatures. Lawns with excessive thatch, compacted soil, and poor air circulation are particularly susceptible.

Timing: This fungal disease tends to emerge during hot and humid weather, with its activity peaking in the summer months.

How to Control Brown Patch


Brown patch prevention begins with proactive lawn care practices:

  • Regular Lawn Maintenance: Consistently maintain your grass at the recommended height through regular mowing, promoting a healthy and resilient lawn.
  • Aeration for Thatch Reduction: Conduct regular lawn aeration to reduce thatch buildup, improving air circulation and creating an environment less conducive to brown patch development.
  • Fungicide Application: Applying preventive fungicides during high-risk periods, especially in the summer, can significantly reduce the likelihood of brown patch infestations.


If brown patch has already taken hold, effective treatment involves:

  • Fungicide Application: Utilize fungicides specifically designed for brown patch control. These should be applied to affected areas according to recommended guidelines.
  • Adjust Irrigation Practices: Proper watering is crucial. Ensure that your lawn receives adequate but not excessive moisture to prevent overhydration and create an environment conducive to brown patch.

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