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How to Get Rid of The Spotted Lanternfly

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A foreign pest that arrived here in Central Pennsylvania in 2014 and has since spread to 26 counties who are now quarantined due to the quick and dangerous spread. This interesting looking creature is known as the Spotted Lanternfly and can do dramatic damage to over 40 plants and tree types in your yard. Catching these pests before it is too late prevents further damage and further reproduction of this species, which would only lead to the extensive damage and possible removal of many plants or trees in your yard.

What is a Spotted Lanternfly?

The Spotted Lanternfly is a foreign species that migrated from China, Bangladesh, and Vietnam most likely by hitching a ride on shipment orders. First discovered in Berks County, this invasive plant hopper has spread throughout Pennsylvania, with 26 PA counties currently under agricultural quarantine, including Lancaster, York, and Dauphin counties.

Spotted Lanternfly

What Do Spotted Lanternflies Look Like?

Spotted Lanternflies have four development stages known as instars. During the first three stages this Lanterfly is otherwise known as a nymph, best described as black and wingless with white spots, later turning dark red with black and white spots. The last and final instar holds the greatest distinction as the expected bug to see when looking for Spotted Lanternflies. The yellow body with red and tan black spotted wings this pest is difficult to confuse with any other species. As adults, they can be found in large numbers feeding on a selected host.

What Do Spotted Lanternflies Do?

This foreign species causes major harm to plants and trees by feeding on the sap from leaves and branches, causing wilting, oozing sap and significant branch die back The presence of larger swarms of the lanternfly will also cause the growth of black sooty mold by releasing a substance called, “honeydew,” that leads to further damage of the plant. The spotted lanternfly creates an atmosphere for your yard to become more vulnerable to other pests and diseases which does not lead to any enjoyable outcome. Getting rid of these guys can be beneficial to the quality of your landscape and getting educated is just a quarter of the battle; getting rid of them is the most important step to slow the spread of this damaging species.

How do I Get Rid of Spotted Lanternflies?

Removing the host, eliminating the egg masses or trapping the nymphs calls for a lot of physical labor and most likely, will not offer a successful job. Hiring a professional that is an expert in this issue who will deal with it thoroughly and successfully is the thing to do in situations like this. Lucky for you, we at Green Image Lawn Care, have created a treatment plan specific to the Spotted Lanternfly.

To make your Summer easier and to prevent the eggs in the fall from more of these Lanternflies multiplying, be sure to give us a call today.