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Accelerate Your Lawns Performance with Our Pro Select Compost Topdressing

Pro Select Compost

Green Image Lawn Care Announces Its New Lawn Care Service: Pro Select Compost

Green Image Lawn Care’s Pro Select Compost is an organic topdressing for your lawn which enhances the organic material in your soil. This product is ideally suited for incorporation into native soil for the purpose of increasing organic matter and beneficial microbial populations in the root zone, thereby improving soil quality, fertility, and plant establishment and growth.

What is Pro Select Compost and How Do We Apply It?

Our compost is a humus-rich organic soil amendment. A 1/4” layer of compost will be spread throughout your lawn to enhance your lawns organic material. This topdressing can be spread in conjunction with aeration and overseeding for optimal results.

What Are The Benefits of Compost Topdressing?

  • Increased macro and micro nutrients
  • Improved soil structure
  • Increased plant nutrient uptake
  • Enhanced soil drainage and moisture retention.
  • Enhance the overall results and performance of your lawn