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How to Get Rid of Grubs

lawn grub

It’s almost summer and grub season has just begun. If your beautiful green grass is now slowly turning into an ugly brown patch you probably have the worst bug a property owner could ask for, a grub. Now, what is a grub exactly?

To speak dictionary terms a grub is larvae of a variety of beetles whose homes are below the grass. These sluggish-like creatures do more harm to your yard than you would think capable by starting to feed at the roots of your grass. This greatly affects the grass’ ability to absorb water and nutrients; giving your once bright lively green grass no other option but to die.

Signs of Grubs

Dead patches in the lawn: Dead spots in your lawn will show up while the grubs are thriving in their new home. There are more issues that could be causing your grass to die, so be sure to be well informed and think about hiring a professional to identify your lawn’s real issue.

Spongy turf: A spongy turf is one of the best identifiers when looking for signs of grubs. This is because the grass begins to be easy to tug, as if it is a carpet, because the grubs have chewed through the root.

Grubs visible to the naked eye: Rolling back a suspected area to test your hypothesis further, this is the truest tell to see if those white, c-shaped worms have made their way into your yard.

Step to Eliminate Grubs from Your Lawn

It’s always best to hire a professional to be 100% sure that you are identifying your lawn’s problems correctly. If you identify the problem with your lawn incorrectly there is not only money wasted, but time. In addition, there will be a growth in the issue that will require more time and money, that you already invested personally. With hiring a professional, like Green Image Lawn Care, we will be able to identify the specific issue practically right away and be able to come up with a free estimate for you.

When looking to figure out what may be going on with your lawn, investing in our Deluxe or Premium Lawn Care packages will save you money in the long run. At Green Image Lawn Care we offer both a Preventative and Curative Grub Control treatment. However, when putting your money to one of our packages this allows you to eliminate the issue while improving the overall health and beauty of your lawn. Learn more about our Lawn Care Packages here.

When thinking about Preventive Grub Control please consider the following. It is far less expensive to prevent grubs from taking over than it is to cure and repair your lawn? Grubs can also be undetectable until the worst rises to surface come late September or October. Start your Preventive Grub Control now. We apply a low stress fertilization during the summer months and touch up weed control until mid July. Green Image Lawn Care gives free estimates within 24 hours of your inquiry.

Wondering if lawn care services are worth your investment? We’d love the opportunity to show you. Contact us today for a free estimate.