Slime Mold

Slime Mold

Get all of the information you need about slime mold so you can identify any issues quickly and take measures to keep your yard healthy.

Type: Fungus

Pathogen: Various species, often belonging to the Myxomycetes group

Appearance: Nature’s oddity graces your lawn as peculiar, slimy masses emerge, resembling scrambled eggs, dog vomit, or other curious forms. This is the enigmatic presence of slime mold, a non-pathogenic fungus that may puzzle onlookers but doesn’t pose a threat to the health of your green haven.

Risk Factors: Slime mold is more of a natural occurrence than a perilous invader. It revels in high humidity and the presence of decaying organic matter, making lawns with these conditions more prone to its fascinating yet harmless emergence.

Timing: Active during periods of warm weather and high humidity, slime mold makes its appearance known when conditions align for its unique and attention-grabbing display.

How to Control Slime Mold


Keeping your lawn healthy is the best way to prevent this disease from appearing. Good practices include:

  • Proper Lawn Cleanup: Regularly remove organic debris and decaying matter from your lawn to minimize the conditions favorable to slime mold.
  • Promote Air Circulation: Aerate your lawn to improve air circulation and reduce conditions conducive to slime mold growth.
  • Optimal Mowing Practices: Maintain an appropriate mowing height to discourage the accumulation of organic matter.
  • Adjust Watering Practices: Water your lawn in the morning to allow for proper drying during the day, minimizing conditions favorable for slime mold.


  • Physical Removal: Use a broom or rake to gently remove the slime mold from the grass surface. The formations can be relocated to a less conspicuous area.
  • Watering: A gentle watering can help disperse and break down slime mold, contributing to its natural dissipation.

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