Type: Moth Larvae

Appearance: Cutworms are moth larvae characterized by their smooth bodies and shades of brown or gray coloring. They are known for their habit of curling into a C-shape when disturbed.

Location: Commonly found in lawns and gardens, cutworms feed on various plants, including grasses and young seedlings.

Infestation Concerns

Cutworms are notorious for their destructive feeding habits, posing a significant threat to the health of your lawn and garden. These nocturnal pests feed on the stems of plants, often cutting them at ground level, leading to wilting, stunting, or the death of young plants. A cutworm infestation can result in unsightly patches in your lawn and the loss of valuable crops in your garden.

What Causes a Cutworm Infestation?

Cutworm infestations are more common in areas with lush vegetation and organic debris. Adult moths lay eggs in the soil, and when the eggs hatch, the cutworm larvae emerge and begin feeding on plants. Lawns and gardens with poor sanitation practices, such as leaving debris or thatch, can be more susceptible to cutworm problems.

Signs of an Infestation

  • Cut Plants at Ground Level: The most distinctive sign of a cutworm infestation is the cutting of young plants or seedlings at ground level.
  • Wilting or Stunted Plants: Infested plants may exhibit wilting, stunting, or a general decline in health due to the feeding activity of cutworms.
  • Visible Larvae: The presence of cutworm larvae, often found curled up in a C-shape under debris or in the soil, is a clear indicator of an infestation.

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