Clover Mites

clover mite

Type: Arachnid

Appearance: Clover mites are tiny arachnids with a reddish-brown body and long legs, often resembling moving specks on surfaces.

Location: Commonly found on lawns, gardens, and structures, clover mites feed on plants, including grasses and clover.

Clover Mite Infestation Concerns

Clover mites may be small, but their impact can be significant. These arachnids feed on plant sap by piercing the plant cells, leading to stippling, discoloration, and potential damage to your turf and ornamental plants. While clover mites do not pose a direct threat to human health, their presence can be a nuisance, especially when they invade homes in large numbers.

What Causes a Clover Mite Infestation?

Clover mites are more prevalent in spring and fall, thriving in cooler temperatures. Lawns with lush vegetation, especially clover, are attractive to clover mites. Their presence may also be linked to the proximity of these areas to structures, as they can inadvertently invade homes.

Signs of a Clover Mite Infestation

  • Stippling on Leaves: Clover mites feed on plant sap, causing stippling or tiny dots on the leaves of grass and plants.
  • Reddish-Brown Specks: The presence of tiny, reddish-brown specks on surfaces, especially windowsills and walls, is a clear sign of clover mite activity.
  • Large Clusters: Clover mites may cluster in large numbers, particularly on sunny sides of structures, creating an unsightly appearance.

Green Image Lawn Care Knows All About Clover Mites

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