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Late Fall (Winterizer) Application

winter fertiliztion

Each fertilizer application we apply throughout the season is playing an important role within our lawn care agronomy programs. Sometimes a customer may propose, can I skip the winterizer application? My lawn is looking good….The answer from any professional lawn care company should be, NO!

Winterizer applications are applied during the months of October through early December. Most lawn care experts and academics agree that the winterizer is the most important of the season. Winterizer will provide an abundance of benefits setting us up for a successful growing season the following year. The reason being turf is best able to pull nutrients into its root zone during this time as it prepares for winter dormancy. The analogy can be used and compared to an animal preparing for hibernation.

Benefits of the late Fall Application

  • Correct ratios of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) are very important.
  • Fall turf easily pulls and stores nutrients production into the root zone to prepare for dormancy.
  • Expect fast and slow-release mechanisms to provide immediate and prolonged carbohydrate production and continual feeding during winter months.
  • Correct K ratio helps the turf harden off, helping to prevent winter desiccation or snow mold disease development.
  • Provides early spring pushes the following year to help promote additional vigor, healing, early green up.
  • As a bonus, weed controls are the most effective during the winterizer application. During the fall, the weeds vascular system begins to store more nutrients in the rootzone, herbicides are naturally pulled along. This gives us a more effective control of the weed’s roots and stems for the harder to control broadleaf weeds.

Vascular system

Remember, within our agronomy programs applications each play a unique role in your lawn care program.

Wishing everybody a happy holiday season and special thanks for all our loyal customers who have supported our local company in 2022.