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Disease Pathogen Prevention – Stop the Cycle


We may be the most relaxed during the summer months, but our grass is stressed. Lawns in the Northeast are cool-season grasses that prefer outside temperatures in the range of 60-75 degrees. When temperatures exceed that range, the cool-season grass struggles to stay alive and becomes more susceptible to disease.

Turfgrass disease requires a triangle of conditions to thrive. The first corner of the triangle is the host, our grass. The second corner of the triangle is the pathogen, or the fungus that causes the disease. The third corner of the triangle is the environment with the temperatures, moisture, soil pH and fertility levels preferred by the pathogen. None of the corners of disease can cause or maintain disease without the other two. Green Image Lawn Care can combat the pathogen corner of the triangle using fungicides within our disease control programs.

Red Thread and Dollar spot

Mix of Red Thread and Dollar spot coalescing

Pythium, brown patch, and gray leaf spot most commonly plague are cool-season grasses during the summer months. In the spring, Red thread and Dollar spot are the most common diseases that can be observed in the turf. Common indicators of these funguses are discolored, brown, circular spots within the grass and or smaller spots coalesce into larger circles.


Pythium streaking due to water movement or mowing


Fungus Mycelium – Could be Red, White, Gray depending on the disease

Sign up for our disease control program to reduce current outbreaks and to prevent future ones. Green Image Lawn Care Disease Control Programs use systemic fungicides that will combat a broad spectrum of pathogens, lasting up to twenty eight days. Remember, prevention is always better then curative.