Other Names: Japanese Stiltgrass, Microstegium vimineum

Type: Annual Grass-Like Weed

Appearance: Stiltgrass has slender, branching stems with lance-shaped leaves. It forms dense patches and often reaches a height of 2 to 3 feet. Stiltgrass produces distinctive seedheads in late summer and early fall.

Risk: Stiltgrass can quickly invade lawns, gardens, and natural areas, creating a dense ground cover. Its ability to produce numerous seeds and thrive in a variety of conditions makes it a challenging and aggressive weed.

Timing: Stiltgrass becomes most noticeable in the late spring and early summer, reaching maturity and producing seeds in late summer and fall.

Outlook: Due to its prolific seed production and adaptability, Stiltgrass can be challenging to control. Effective management measures are crucial to prevent its spread.


Take action before this weed appears on your lawn by following best lawn care practices, especially focusing on:

  • Early Detection: Actively monitor your lawn for signs of Stiltgrass, especially in areas with high invasion potential.
  • Avoid Disturbance: Minimize soil disturbance in areas where stiltgrass is present, as this can promote germination.


If you find this weed on your lawn, it’s best to take action immediately. Working with a lawn care professional is most effective, but you can also try these DIY options:

  • Selective Herbicides: Apply selective herbicides labeled for grassy weed control, targeting stiltgrass while preserving the health of the surrounding grass.
  • Good Lawn Care Practices: Regular mowing and overseeding can help suppress stiltgrass and promote the growth of desirable grasses.

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