Lesser Celandine

Lesser Celandine

Other Names: Ranunculus ficaria, Fig Buttercup

Type: Perennial

Appearance: Lesser Celandine is a low-growing perennial with heart-shaped glossy leaves and bright yellow, buttercup-like flowers. It forms dense mats and spreads through both tubers and seeds, making it a challenging weed in lawns and gardens.

Risk: Lesser Celandine can quickly establish itself, forming dense colonies that outcompete desirable plants. Its ability to regenerate from tubers makes it resilient and difficult to control.

Timing: Lesser Celandine is most visible in early spring, typically from March to May. It thrives in cool, moist conditions.

Outlook: Due to its persistent tubers and prolific seed production, Lesser Celandine can be challenging to manage. Effective control measures are essential to prevent its spread.

How to Control Lesser Celandine

Managing this weed effectively requires a combination of preventative measures and quick treatment.


Take action before this weed appears on your lawn by following best lawn care practices, especially focusing on:

  • Early Detection: Actively monitor your lawn for signs of Lesser Celandine and address it promptly.
  • Minimize Disturbance: Avoid soil disturbance in areas where Lesser Celandine is present, as this can spread tubers.


If you find this weed on your lawn, it’s best to take action immediately. Working with a lawn care professional is most effective, but you can also try these DIY options:

  • Herbicide Application: Apply selective herbicides labeled for broadleaf weed control, targeting Lesser Celandine while preserving the health of the surrounding grass.
  • Manual Removal: In small infested areas, carefully hand-remove Lesser Celandine, completely removing tubers.

Green Image Lawn Care Knows All About Lesser Celandine

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