Get all of the information you need about bittercress so you can take the right preventative measures and identify any issues quickly to keep your yard free from weeds.

Other names: Hairy bittercress, Cardamine hirsuta

Type: part of the mustard family

Appearance: Small rosettes with deeply lobed leaves; slender stems with tiny white flowers

Risk: Thrives in moist conditions, often due to overwatering or compacted soil without proper drainage

Timing:  Germinates in cool seasons, with active growth in spring or fall

Outlook: Manageable with proper lawn care practices and timely herbicide application

Bittercress Control


Take action before this weed appears on your lawn, especially focusing on:

  • Maintain Adequate Moisture Levels: Bittercress thrives in moist conditions. Implement proper watering practices, ensuring your yard receives adequate moisture without creating excessively damp conditions.
  • Good Lawn Care Practices: Regular mowing and overseeding can help suppress this weed and promote the growth of desirable grasses instead.


If you find this weed on your lawn, it’s best to take action immediately. Working with a lawn care professional is most effective, but you can also try these DIY options:

  • Early Action: Regularly inspect your lawn for the presence of bittercress and promptly remove any emerging plants before they have a chance to mature and produce seeds. Early intervention prevents the spread of seeds, minimizing the risk of widespread infestation.
  • Selective Herbicides: Utilize selective herbicides to target the weed without harming your desirable grass, effectively eliminating existing bittercress plants and preventing further spread.

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