lawn grub

Type: Beetle Larvae

Appearance: Grubs are the larvae of beetles with C-shaped bodies, soft legs, and distinct heads. They vary in size and color, depending on the beetle species.

Location: Found in the soil, grubs feed on the roots of grass and plants, causing damage to lawns and landscapes.

Grub Infestation Concerns

Grubs are notorious for the damage they inflict on lawns. As they feed on the roots of grass, they weaken the turf, leading to brown patches, wilting, and the potential death of affected areas. Severe grub infestations can result in extensive and costly lawn damage.

What Causes a Grub Infestation?

Grub infestations often start with the presence of adult beetles in the vicinity. Female beetles lay eggs in the soil, and when the eggs hatch, the larvae emerge as grubs. Lawns with lush vegetation, especially those irrigated frequently, can attract adult beetles for egg-laying, increasing the risk of grub infestations.

Signs of a Grub Infestation

  • Brown Patches: Areas of the lawn with damaged or dying grass may indicate the presence of grubs feeding on the roots.
  • Spongy Turf: Infested areas may feel spongy underfoot due to the loss of grass roots caused by grub feeding.
  • Presence of Grubs: Digging into the soil may reveal the presence of C-shaped grubs, particularly during the active feeding season.

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