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Stop Crabgrass Before it Starts


Crabgrass, or digitaria sanguinalis, is the number one weed problem in Pennsylvania lawns. Also referred to as hairy crabgrass, large crabgrass, smooth crabgrass, and goose grass to name a few, crabgrass was introduced into the United States by immigrants who utilized it as grain. Unlike other grasses, crabgrass has a high percentage of protein, benefiting feed animals. So how to stop crabgrass?

With spring just around the corner, along with the warmer, sunnier weather unfortunately comes the start of crabgrass season. When soil temperatures reach 58-60 degrees for roughly four consecutive days, crabgrass germination occurs. Once crabgrass germinates, it quickly overtakes your lawn. Crabgrass has both aggressive growth habits and seed reproduction abilities. First, crabgrass will rob your lawn of valuable space, light, nutrients, and water. Then, it will produce and deposit thousands of seeds per plant in your lawn so that it can infest your outdoor living space the following seasoning. If crabgrass is left unchecked, the desirable, cool season turf grasses in your lawn will rapidly be overtaken by crabgrass.

Don’t let your lawn be overtaken by crabgrass. Instead, let Green Image Lawn Care apply TWO applications of pre-emergent crabgrass to create an invisible barrier that protects your outdoor living space throughout the crabgrass season and into the early fall. Why two applications? Throughout the summer months, microbes naturally break down the barrier. A second application provides better and longer-lasting control to customers throughout the growing season. If your current lawn care company is not doing so, you might want to consider another provider. The first application of crabgrass pre-emergent should not be applied until roughly mid-March when turf is breaking dormancy. The second application is performed approximately five to six weeks following the initial application. It seems some lawn care companies are starting earlier each season which means crabgrass protection can trail off too soon in the season. Coupling these applications with keeping your lawn thick, healthy, and properly mowed will be the best defense against crabgrass. Protect your outdoor living space from stop crabgrass before it starts.