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Nutsedge: Grass-Like Weed


The Best Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge, also known as nut grass, is a common weed that can wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn. This pesky weed has roots that grow in an underground system of tubers, making it difficult to manage. This underground network is resistant to most DIY nutsedge control treatments, and even professional treatments require multiple rounds to take full effect.

Types of Nutsedge

There are two main types of nutsedge found in certain areas throughout the United States. They are: yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge. In Pennsylvania, we typically experience Yellow Nutsedge. While the names may imply that these varieties differ in color, they’re actually both green and are very similar in appearance. The key differentiator is that yellow nutsedge is a lighter shade of green, with leaves that reach a sharp point, while purple nutsedge is a darker green, with a dull point.

How to Spot Nutsedge in Your Lawn

Of course the first step in addressing any problem is to recognize that the problem exists. While nutsedge may look similar to your regular healthy grass at first glance, nutsedge grass grows much faster than typical turf grass and will stand out like a tall patch in your beautiful lawn. And, depending on the variety, the color of the nut grass will be a giveaway.

If you pull nutsedge and take a close look at it, you’ll see a three-sided stem, which is different from the round stems you’ll find on turf grass. You’ll also notice that the leaves have a waxier texture than turf grass. If you have nutsedge on your property, your yard will have an overall patchy and uneven appearance.

How to Treat the Nutsedge Weed

You’re probably asking: how can I eliminate nutsedge from my lawn? Any nutsedge killer you’d buy at the hardware store won’t get the job done. Because this weed grows with a series of underground tubers, the root system can survive through multiple treatments. So even if the leaves disappear for a season, they may sprout up again the following spring because the roots of the weed are still alive beneath the soil.

A professional nutsedge control treatment from Green Image Lawn Care consists of two applications per year. This approach kills the leaves for the season, but it’s recommended that treatment continues for several years in order to penetrate the tough roots.

Consider a Premium Lawncare Treatment Package

Green Image Lawn Care offers a premium lawncare treatment package that includes nutsedge control, so you can get that gorgeous, lush lawn you’ve always wanted, or you can consider adding it on to another lawn care service. The key difference between a lawn with nutsedge and one without is the overall evenness in appearance. Without the nutsedge weed infiltrating the root system of your turf grass, your lawn will be healthier and fuller. And without the fast-growing nutsedge leaves, you won’t have those unsightly tall patches that break up the smooth surface of your yard.