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How to get rid of Crabgrass


We all know the feeling of having spent an entire summer tending to our perfectly manicured lawn… only to have it re-emerge after a snowfall with WEEDS sprouting up all over the place.

One of the most common weeds is crabgrass. Also known as “digitaria” or “finger grass,” crabgrass is an summer annual weed that emerges in early summer. This means that the plant only lives for one year before it’s killed by winter’s first frost, but crabgrass can re-germinate if its seeds have spread.

The best way to eliminate crabgrass from your lawn is to prevent the roots from taking hold in the first place. This is where pre-emergent comes into play.

What is a Pre-Emergent?

A pre-emergent is a product that’s applied to your lawn at critical times of the year in order to prevent weeds from taking hold. It’s especially effective for crabgrass because of its particular lifecycle.

How Do Pre-Emergents Work?

Pre-emergent creates an invisible barrier between the seed and soil to prevent the roots from growing. Because the effectiveness of pre-emergent is reliant on preventing the roots from taking hold, timing is everything.

So, When Does Crabgrass Germinate?

The best time to treat your lawn for crabgrass is before the germination period. Because crabgrass is a summer annual, germination occurs in the middle of May, which means that preventative application should begin as early as March. It’s important, however, not to treat your lawn too early because you run the risk of the weed control product breaking down before the germination period is over.

How Often Should I Treat My Lawn With Pre-Emergent?

Even though it’s possible to improve the health of your lawn with just one treatment of pre-emergent, only a professional lawn care company will be able to assess the effectiveness. And because the timing of the application is so important for preventing crabgrass, it’s best to rely on a professional to determine when the time is right for using pre-emergent treatments.

Green Image Lawn Care offers full year service packages that include routine treatments that are appropriate for each season. With everything you have going on in your life, it’s impossible to remember things like crabgrass germination cycles. That’s why Green Image Lawn Care is here to proactively keep your lawn looking its best.

You don’t have to struggle with crabgrass year after year. Contact us and schedule your free estimate.